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Use this form to submit new events to the FindA.Dance calendar! If you already know what I need, you can copy-paste information on the simple event form.

This will be the top listing of your event in the calendar. (e.g., "Monthly Chapter Dance," "Westie Night")
What type of dance is this event primarily featuring? (WCS and Latin must have 90%+ dedicated music to that style, not as a secondary emphasis.)
What's the date of the event? (e.g., 12/31/18 or 12/31 or December 31st) - All dates are assumed to be 2019 unless specified.
Unless specified, it is assumed this time is PM.
Unless specified, it is assumed this time is PM.
(e.g., every Monday [or] the specific dates currently known).
If there is more than one price, please provide full details.
Please include the LOCATION (e.g., XYZ studio) in addition to the ADDRESS (e.g., ABC Drive, Fort Wayne, IN).
Is there a lesson provided during this event? (If there are separate pricing options for lesson, please include in the "Event Cost" above.)
Who should dancers contact about questions for this event?
What email should dancers use to get in touch?
Who are you, the one submitting this event, that I can contact regarding questions/follow-up? (: (Must be a person, not a studio/organization.)
If you have any other questions or want to contact Austin directly, email at: event [at] finda [dot] dance

Event Guidelines

To submit events, simply provide the information requested on the left hand side.

If you are not the host of the event (and are submitting it on their behalf or to raise awareness of their events), simply add yourself as the Event Listing Submitter at the bottom.

Events available on this calendar:

  • Public dance events that have some form of open dance available, regardless if a lesson or no-lesson is provided.
    • 2h+ Events:
      • With a lesson: 1h+ social dance.
      • Without a lesson: 2h+ social dance.
  • Typically events within a 2h radius of Fort Wayne, although some exceptions may be made if dancers in the community are attending events further from Fort Wayne.
  • “Weekend events,” such as WSDC weekends or ballroom competitions.
  • We currently only emphasize 3 categories of dances: Ballroom/Mixed, West Coast Swing, and Latin. Other dance styles may be added in the future if there is enough of an interest.

Events NOT on this calendar:

  • Private or invite-only events.
  • Events without a dance (e.g., a studio’s “lesson”).
  • Events further from Fort Wayne (e.g., 4h away or greater), except for some weekend/multi-day events.