Project List : Find A . Dance

Various things to do and long-term goals for the Find A . Dance calendar.

Short term:

  • (in progress) Check with all known dance groups to get their events listed on the FindA.Dance & FWD calendar.
  • Verify contact form works.
  • (started) Calendar Covage page – list of events/groups and their host locations/social/web.

Long term:

  • Speed optimization: improve load speed and make it even friendlier for mobiles. PRIORITY FOR MOBILE LOAD TIME.
  • Learn CSS for making integrated Calendars pretty.
  • Optimize print solution 2.
  • Learn Google API and coding:
    • Create an automated “upcoming event” module for the mainpage and related calendars.
    • e.g., “The next event is _” or “this week’s events are _”
    • Find a way for Submit Event to lead directly to Google Cal (or) open Google Cal to respective group leaders.
  • Learn how to program a Facebook bot for the Facebook page to send out automated updates to dancers that want to be notified on Facebook.
  • Considering: content distribution schedule for upcoming dances per-week. e.g., sent on Mondays with a brief list of upcoming events for the week + weekend.


  • [2/6] Refine the Submit Event form and test for efficiency/simplicity.
  • [2/6] Verify print solution 1. →
  • [2/6] Separate Ballroom / WCS / Latin into independent calendars on Google and make them sort-able on FindA.Dance.