How to Print Find A . Dance Calendars

Printing Find A . Dance calendars is relatively easy. I use Google Calendar for all event distribution, which comes with a native print feature.

Near the top of any calendar, you may select the “Print” button.

A new window/prompt will show up with options to customize what you print.

You may print THREE different types of calendars: Month (default), Agenda, and Week. Simply click on the tab you want to print before hitting “Print.”

To customize which calendars you print (e.g., Ballroom, WCS, Latin OR any combination of), visit the home page and click on the tiny drop-down arrow (top right of the calendar) and check on/off the calendars you are interested in.

Areas to note:


The PRINT RANGE allows you to narrow down exactly which dates you want to print. You can use this to print off multiple months (although I recommend only printing 1 month at a time, as there will be new events and changes made over time).

The PRINT RANGE is primarily useful for the AGENDA calendar style, allowing you to print specific week/month ranges at a time, based on how far out you want to print.


May help reduce the amount of pages printed.


May be useful for some people that want to have more details about the event, such as location/address, contact information, etc.

NOTE that this will drastically increase the amount of pages printed due to the amount of vertical space utilized in each event’s description.

I am looking into other alternatives for printing to condense event information to take up less paper, but this is my solution for the moment as I explore a better long-term solution.

If you have suggestions or know someone who is better versed in coding, send them my way!