Hello! Austin here.

Thank you for visiting FindA.Dance this year, whether it’s your first time or you’ve been using it regularly.

With 2019 right around the corner, I’m looking at tweaks I can make to improve the FindA.Dance resource and to start collecting event information for the coming year.

Things to Note (Dancers & Event Organizers)

For both:

Aside from the initial upload of events + occasional tweaks, I wasn’t on top of updates in a timely fashion (due to life/personal circumstances). That’s priority 1 after uploading the next wave of 2019 events. (: It’s my goal to be updating/reviewing this resource on a weekly basis.

What other changes would you like to see, information to be added, etc.?


If you’ve enjoyed this resource, I would love to know if you’ve been using it and what improvements you would like to see in 2019 (or if it’s served you just fine as is!):

You can “Like” and message this project on Facebook:
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Or email/contact at:
event@finda.dance // Contact Form

And share this resource with your dancing friends. (: The more that utilize this resource, the bigger the impact it has for Dancers and Organizers – the community at large.


Event Organizers:

It’s now that time to send me your events for 2019. (: Most current event listings end at the end of 2018 and need to be renewed/updated. I anticipate most events being the same or similar, but they still need to be renewed.

Permitted calendar events at this time:

All Event Types:
• Must be open to the public.
• Generally within a 2 hour radius around Fort Wayne.
• Event changes/cancellations will be at the responsibility of the event listing submitter and/or organizer to notify FindA.Dance.

2h+ Dance Events
• If lesson is provided: 1h+ social
• If no lesson is provided: 2h+ social

Weekend Workshop Events (WSDC, Ballroom, etc.)
* Social dance opportunities (or lack of) are required to be noted.

Competitions (WSDC, Ballroom, etc.)
* Social dance opportunities (or lack of) are required to be noted.

Information Required For Events

  • Name of the event.
  • Style of event: WCS, Ballroom, Latin.
  • Date and time of the event.
  • Is the event a 1 time, recurring, or multi-day event?
  • Location and address of the event.
  • Is a lesson included?
  • Cost of the event.
  • Organizer of the event (and contact information).
  • Event listing submitter and their contact information (in some cases it may be the same as Organizer, but must be a PERSON, not a studio/organization; e.g., Fort Wayne Westies would be the Organizer, but Austin would be the event listing submitter).

If there are other requests/comments to make, feel free to let me know via the following contact methods. (:

Send event info:

Facebook Messenger (FindA.Dance)
Contact Form
→ Email (event@finda.dance)

Other 2019 Plans:

(1) Updating the Calendar feature to be more modernized and easier to navigate to find information on both mobile and desktop. The current functionality is sufficient, so any new update must not compromise the integrity of the current format.

(2) Regular calendar reviews to make sure that requested additions and changes are being made. At the moment, I am scheduling this weekly on Mondays to start and will adjust as I go.

(3) Dedicated page/listing of event organizers (to make it easier for dancers and myself to locate Organizers’ events and contacts).

(4) I might start using social media to broadcast upcoming events for the week.

If you have any other questions or comments, let me know!

Thank you! See you on the dance floor in 2019! (:


// Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash